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Dozens of vegan protesters caused traffic chaos in Melbourne‘s CBD this morning as part of coordinated demonstrations against Australia‘s livestock industry. The 23 Best Vegan Restaurants in Melbourne These are our picks of the vegan restaurants Melbourne has on its roster. For more healthy food options, check out Melbourne's best vegetarian restaurants and smoothie joints. Vegan protesters face jail for blocking Melbourne traffic in Almost 40 vegan activists have been charged after blocking traffic at Flinders Street Station as part of nationwide "peaceful" protests against abattoirs, and police say they could face imprisonment. Just after 7am on Monday, protesters chained themselves to vans at the intersection of Flinders and Swanston Street in Melbourne, holding signs reading: "This is a peaceful protest".

8 Apr 2019 Animal rights protesters are blocking a major Melbourne CBD intersection during the morning peak hour while at an outer suburb, they have 

Vegan protesters shut down intersection of Swanston, Flinders Three teenagers are among the dozens charged over a vegan protest which shut down a major CBD intersection yesterday. Taxpayers will foot the hefty bill for the protest that caused peak-hour chaos. Vegan protesters raid farms and stage blockades around Australia 07.04.2019 · In a highly orchestrated series of sit-ins, blockades, and abattoir invasions, a group of vegan activists have staged a nationwide protest against animal cruelty. In a move which angered many Meat-loving Aussies hit back at animal rights protests A mass of meat-loving Australians have hit back at animal activists online following a nationwide protest against abattoirs and farms which saw more than 47 protesters arrested. Vegan Melbourne CBD protesters in court | Farm Online | Australia

First vegans, now unions: Commuter chaos as massive protest shuts down Melbourne AGAIN while 200,000 march to demand an election and wage increases

Thirty-nine vegan champions who choked central Melbourne with their calls to end animal cruelty will face a magistrate on obstruction charges. In a surprise f 'They want us to shut down': farmers hit back after 'invasive' It’s a frustration shared by the Melbourne academic Joshua Badge, who says he is usually opposed to the type of “wedge politics” at play in hardline vegan groups. “That being said, we are

07.04.2019 · Animal Activists close down Melbourne's CBD. Promoting the Movie Dominion.

Vegan protesters charged after Melbourne's CBD brought to a Police have charged 39 people after a vegan protest shut down one of Melbourne's busiest intersections during peak hour, disrupting tram routes and forcing ambulances to be rerouted. Vegan protest: Swanston, Flinders Street intersection blocked by The Melbourne protest took "months" of planning, one of the protesters said. "We knew what our job role was and we had marshalls for each group. When the vans came we stepped out and said it was a Vegan protest: Melbourne traffic delayed by activists Vegan protests block busy Melbourne intersection, target Sydney, Brisbane and Hobart. Militant vegan protesters have been dragged kicking and screaming from the Melbourne CBD by police in heated